its glow made up of many smaller lights-

the art created and supported by its alumni, students, faculty and community.

Be A VCFA Beacon. Keep the VCFA spirit burning by supporting AMR Auction 2016.

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.Student scholarships? Air conditioning for the chapel and Alumni Hall? Visiting faculty for winter and summer residencies?  Funded in part by AMR Auction proceeds.

AMR Auction-funded scholarships have made many students’ dream of a VCFA MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults a reality. And because of the AMR Auction and the Fund for VCFA all residency lectures are now free and available for immediate download for all students and alums. As the college’s highest fundraising priority, the Fund for VCFA makes a major contribution to faculty salaries, program operations, scholarships, facilities upgrades and improvements, and new program development. 

All this is thanks to you, VCFA’s beacons of giving.

Together we stoke the passion that makes our residencies so very necessary to the transformative process. From the interplay of ideas and the gritty wrestling with self, art is born – and it starts right here at VCFA. With your support, you stand with VCFA, its students, faculty and staff, and emphatically answer, “Yes! Art does matter.” Thank you for supporting the Vermont College of Fine Arts, the scholarship funds and the Fund for VCFA.

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